You know what gets really “old” for me….?  The fact that I don’t feel like I’m “seen” by most people.  I can count on two hands, those special souls who have taken the time to know me at the core of my essence.  I’m sure many of you feel this way too.  It’s like our outer appearance acts as our representative, but it actually has nothing to do with who we are as souls.  It’s always nice to get a compliment on your appearance, but for me personally, it means so much more when someone gives me a soulful compliment, like – “your energy is so beautiful… or “your presence is so comforting”.. or “your laughter is contagious”. Sometimes, I just look around at all the surface bullshit, and it makes me feel sad that human beings aren’t connecting on a deeper, more profound level. We are magnificent, divine beings, and I know we are all capable.

I think there’s too much focus and connection on the outer world (material crap), when the truth will only ever be found, by going inward.  That’s where you truly “see” yourself, and in turn will be able to truly “see” others.  I used to run away from myself, because going inward meant I would have to face all of my pain.  But once I found the courage to go through it, I realized there’s always profound healing on the other side.  Hurts from our past, linger in our bodies and in our energy field, until we face it, feel it… and then release it. Meditation is an incredible tool to connect with yourself, and to shine the light on what needs to be healed.

So, I’m totally venting tonight (thanks for being here)… I just hope for the day that we will “feel” the beauty in a soul… and not just “see” the beauty in a face.

Goodbye Surface Bullshit……….. Hello Substance.

Be Truly You,

Love Mist xoxo

World Mental Health Day :)

I took this photo before I meditated tonight. I sat in silence for 20 minutes, observing my breath. I know that a lot of people don’t meditate, because they think they suck at it 😉 … I used to think the same thing…when my mind wouldn’t stop running. I have found that the key is to “not try” . Allow your thoughts to do their thing… and just keep coming back to your breath. Most of the time for me, it will settle when I just allow it to be what it is. Today is “world mental health day”. And I want to shout out to everyone who suffers with mental illness! I love you, and I am one of you! I have struggled with anxiety most of my life, and I have to say that WE are some of the strongest people on earth! I know you know what I mean!!! It has gotten easier to deal with as I’ve grown older and found some tools to help me. What works for me is exercise, meditation, writing out my feelings and being in nature. If you haven’t tried these tools, give em a whirl :)) Sure can’t make it worse xoxo 😘😘
Love Mist xx

Unapologetically You

I woke up this morning to a face full of zits, pale skin, and my hair all crazy and out of control. I’ve also been having some bad dreams about rejection the last few weeks, which has been a struggle to get past. Despite waking up to all of these “lovely” things, I am making a conscious decision to love the bajesus out of myself! I am proud to be ME! Because I know at the end of the day, no amount of blemishes, crazy hair, pale skin or emotional hurdles can change the fact that I AM LOVE… and so are YOU! I posted a side by side picture of me dolled up for an award show, and me this morning. Am I more beautiful and more acceptable when I’m all dolled up? – That’s what society tells us.. but it’s not the truth. I am the same soul/same me in both pictures! Does an exuberant, autumn tree apologize and feel ashamed when all it’s colorful leaves fall away? … No, because all it knows how to do “is just BE”. Nature has so much wisdom for us all, as we are not separate from it. Nature doesn’t worry about being judged or accepted, and it certainly doesn’t apologize for a thing. Observe how nature flows so beautifully in all it’s natural glory. We are nature, and there’s absolutely nothing to hide. Exactly how you are, is exactly how you’re meant to be. Colorful leaves or bare branches… it’s all beautiful, and all acceptable! The balance that I’m learning is this – I love being a woman and getting dolled up. It’s fun to wear make up, and paint my nails etc. But when the mask comes off… it’s so important to love ourselves just the same. We must remember – we are not our physical bodies. We are souls traveling around in physical bodies to help us experience this world. It’s easy to lose site of this… but easy to remember when you find some quiet time to meditate or walk around in nature. I love you all so much!! Be truly you xoxoxo


I quit this job ;)

It is not your job to be “pretty” or “handsome”.  Your purpose here on earth is so much more profound, than meeting some shallow, societal standard.  We are here to experience love.  Don’t leave it in someone else’s hands to decide if you’re beautiful… YOU are the only one that can decide that!! Repeat after me “I am beautiful, I am lovable, I am enough – just as I am”.  Nothin’ but the truth!!! Xo