*You decide*

Happy New Year!!! 💗

Just a little reminder to not let the opinions of others, be your opinion of yourself.  No one… and I mean NO ONE can decide who you are, except for YOU! People will judge and criticize and point their fingers at you all day long… but it’s not your job to listen. We are all a work in progress, doing the best we can with the information we have in each moment. Please don’t let your mistakes define you, and please don’t turn against your beautiful self. As long as you know the golden truth of your beating heart, you can hold your head up high and flow with the vibration of love. Life can be really hard to navigate sometimes, and I feel that we need less righteousness, and more unity in our understanding of each other as human beings. We all hold up mirrors for each other, which allows us to see ourselves through others. What you see in others, is also a reflection of what you see in yourself. So lets love deeper, forgive easier, and know that we are all enough in our glorious imperfection.

Be Truly You,

MLO xo

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