*What is my purpose*

This is a question we have all asked ourselves many times. We search high and low to find comfort and meaning, and for an understanding as to why we are here on Planet Earth. I used to think it was unkind, that we were just dropped off here, with no answers or explanation of anything. I used to think “what is the purpose of eight billion, lost and confused human beings, spinning around in the universe, floundering, without a clue as to why? I’ve spent many years of my life going “outside” of myself, trying to find the answer to life’s greatest question. I followed my dreams as a singer/songwriter, I went to school for massage therapy, I’ve tried a number of different hobbies, I’ve lived in many different places, and moved to another Country. I’ve traveled to beautiful destinations, I’ve been in and out of romantic relationships, and friendships. I became a mommy to a beautiful little girl. I’ve done meditations, yoga, and attended some beautiful spiritual workshops. I’ve written endless amounts of poetry and reflections about life, love and purpose….. and what I’ve come to realize is that, as beautiful as all of those experiences were, and as much as they’ve taught me about love and life… none of them answered the big question. “What is my purpose”? As I’ve grown, evolved and awakened, I’ve realized that I have always had an inner compass, something far greater than myself, helping me and guiding me through this life. Once I became aware of the spiritual side of myself, I began to see how magical life really is, and it told me without a shadow of a doubt, that there is so much more than we could ever understand, as mere human beings. What I know for sure is that we all have this inner compass. We all have a beautiful, shining truth within, and when we veer away from our truth, our inner compass tells us in some way or another. Maybe you’re in a relationship that you’re not truly happy in… maybe you think you have to stay in that relationship because that’s a decision you made. Your truth will scream at you, until you align with your hearts calling. Usually it will show you in indirect ways… like feeling unwell in your body, or feeling drained of energy, or feeling like you don’t like your own reflection in the mirror. When I’m not following my truth, my inner compass shows me through anxiety, panic attacks, and an overall feeling of unwellness.

I am so relieved that my initial thought was wrong… the one about being dropped off on Planet Earth, without any answers or guidance. And I will tell you that the only way I found this divine enlightenment, was through darkness and PAIN. Pain is a beautiful blessing in disguise! I know it’s very uncomfortable, and no one enjoys being in pain, but it is one of our greatest teachers! Pain cracks our hearts wide open, and it lets the light and the truth inside. We need to learn to embrace our pain, and not run away from it. As a collective, we have been conditioned to live in so much FEAR!! Fear of opening up, fear of expressing our truth, fear of love itself, fear that love will eventually cause pain, fear of vulnerability,fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of expressing our feelings. I feel that the masculine struggle with this more than the feminine, because of ancestral conditioning. The masculine has been shown through generation after generation that they must suppress their feelings, and be strong, and never to show emotion etc etc. I can’t even imagine how terrible that must feel. As a fully open, emotionally expressive woman, that must be an inordinate amount of pressure on the masculines shoulders.

I’ve learned that love can’t coincide with fear. Fear and love are like oil and water… they will never be together as one. LOVE lives on the other side of fear! The way I see it, is that everything is an illusion… except for LOVE!! Love is the only thing that’s real!! Which brings me to my answer…. to the big question.

What is my purpose here on earth?

Our purpose as human beings, is and always will be TO LOVE…. and here’s the kicker!!! I’m not talking LOVE with expectations and conditions… I’m talking about UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! The kind of love that forgives ALL, EVERY TIME… because GUESS WHAT?!?!?! We are all doing the best we can at life, with the information we know at this moment in time. We are all LOVE AND LIGHT beings at our core, and I believe that our mission is to navigate through experiences and ultimately banish the ego, to return to our natural state. LOVE IS THE REASON…. LOVE IS THE MISSION… LOVE IS EVERYTHING!!!!

Think of how crazy this whole experience is!! And how overwhelming it is!! And how lost we can all feel sometimes. So if someone has hurt you and caused you turmoil… forgive them!! Love them!!! Stay open!! Closing your heart just lowers the vibration of the planet, and we don’t need anymore of that!! Set healthy boundaries…and let love lead the way.


Be truly you,

I love you ALL!!!

Misty xo

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