Without guilt

For the last two years, I have been really strict on myself with exercising and eating clean. In that time, I trained for eight months for a body building bikini competition, and I have worked hard at maintaining my size two jeans. I’ve loved taking care of myself, and I’ve benefited greatly from these practices on a mental, physical and spiritual level, but there has come a point in my life the last couple of weeks, where I’ve just needed to be free and give myself a break. I’ve been allowing myself to eat everything that I want, healthy or not so healthy (still vegan and gluten free) of course. But it has felt soooooo good!!! I’ve exercised two times in two weeks, and my body feels rested and rejuvenated. I gain weight reallllly fast when I “let myself go” , so my pants feel a little tighter and guess what?? I’m embracing myself completely!!! We are not meant to be perfect…. and we should love ourselves in all of our forms! I will get back on track with health and fitness when I’m good and ready. But just wanted to share that It’s okay to give yourself a break, and skip a workout or eat junk food WITHOUT GUILT. Tis the season for stretchy pants and comfort food!! I’m making a homemade lasagna tonight if anyone wants to come pig out with me!!! Cracking myself up bahahha!! I love and accept myself just as I am… and I love and accept you all just as you are!!! Namaste xoxoxo *Be Truly You*



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