Status is illusion

Guess what? Your worth isn’t determined by someone else’s opinion of you. It is not determined by how many followers and “likes” you have on social media. It is not determined by any outer circumstance, such as what clothes you wear, what car you drive, married or divorced, how much money is in your bank account, or what job you have or don’t have. Whether you’re high up in the entertainment industry, or a garbage truck driver, or a doctor, or a homeless person on the street. In truth, it doesn’t reflect your worthiness as a human being. Status is illusion. Essentially, we are all remnants of a unifying energy. Deeply connected in the essence of our beings. We are literally beautiful beams of light, walking around this earth, yet instead of standing in our brightness, we lurk in the shadows of illusion and separateness. The ego works tirelessly to keep us “disconnected”… It survives on fear and doubt. Being aware that we are not our egos, we are not our thoughts, we are not our minds, is ultimately what will give us the freedom to the truth. And the truth is that *we are the awareness behind it all*. The consciousness that is observing it all. The mind will always do it’s thing, but it loses it’s power over you, when you can be aware of it, and not attach yourself to it. This is not easy to do, as we’ve been conditioned to identify with our minds as a way of life. But it is the long journey home. This truth embraces me most, when I meditate. When you quiet the mind, and wrap yourself in the warmth of stillness, it’s just so obvious. Lets make the time to remember who we are 🙂 Everything is energy! Nothing in this 3D world is really as it seems. So next time you’re scrolling on social media, and feeling like your life sucks, and that you don’t measure up… remind yourself that you are already whole and complete!! Right now in this moment! JUST AS YOU ARE! You are a MAGICAL SOUL! You are LOVE AND LIGHT!!! …. and I will say it again – STATUS IS ILLUSION!!!! Be Truly You 💗 Love Misty 💗

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